I was determined to get some yoga in, while here in Athens. I connected with Konstantinos Charantiniotis of Bhāvanā Yoga Center over a year ago, on Facebook, so I had the studio in mind. I checked the class schedule online and made a plan. I made sure to find the studio location while I was walking around on Sunday (as to not have a repeat of my yoga miss in London), and I messaged Konstantinos to let him know that I’d be coming (and that my Greek is limited to about ten phrases).

He was very kind and yesterday’s class was in English (for my sake, taking into consideration that the other students present also speak English). Perfect. But, today it was all Greek. Fortunately (and not by accident), the style of yoga that Konstantinos teaches is Anusara, which I have studied and practiced a lot. I figured that, if nothing else, I know the principles, so I should be able to figure things out, as we go. And I did. I just followed along. I had zero idea what he was saying, but happily took the seat of a beginner and watched my fellow classmates for cues. This was a great way to squeeze myself a little. There was enough familiar, but plenty unfamiliar to play with.

In unrelated news, I’ve been here four days and the entire staff at Starbucks knows my name (and that I’m American). Seriously, when I say that Greek people are the friendliest — I mean it.

And, speaking of places that I’m obsessively visiting — I located a vegetarian restaurant just a couple of blocks from my apartment. I have already tried a few different dishes (all delicious, better than the vegetarian in Málaga, but not as good as the one in London). I will eat here — at Avocado — every day that I’m here in Athens.