One of my friends asked me if I was worried about being lonely, since I would be traveling alone. My answer was a very confident “no.”  I don’t consider being alone and feeling lonely, to be in any way related. I am alone a lot. I love being alone. (No, seriously, I LOVE it.) I am proudly an introvert, so being alone is my most comfortable state.

But, the truth is, I have met up with people along the way (and will continue to do so). I have had plenty of time to visit with people that I know (some I know a little, some I know a lot) as well as chat with new people that I’ve encountered along the way. I’m not creating deep relationships over here (nor do I really expect to, when spending so little time in each place), but I can interact with people as little or as much as I choose.

Certainly there are things to consider, when traveling on your own. Things like personal safety can’t be ignored. But, for me, so far, everything has been pretty good — and just as I had hoped.

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