There are three questions that come up again and again, as people find out about my upcoming adventure.

#1 – Where are you going?

I don’t know exactly.  I’ll begin with a road trip to Ohio, then I’m flying to London.  I think I’ll be in Spain, Italy, and Greece, and possibly Moracco, France, Turkey, and Croatia — but don’t have that all worked out yet.  I’m just going one leg at a time and figuring the rest out as opportunities arise.  [Insert scary “OMG, I could never” face here.]

#2 – Have you been planning and saving up for a long time?

Nope. I’ve been generally thinking about it for six months, but actually have no idea how it will all come together. I’ll be paying as I go and working along the way.  Whether or not this method is wise, remains to be seen.

#3 – Are you coming back to Atlanta?

To that, I’ll let one of my favorite television characters give you the answer: