One of my favorite design projects of the year has been the new branding and online presence for Gina’s Kitchen Table.  It’s been one of those projects you just love to be a part of — lovely client (shout out to Gina), smooth work process with super-talented & professional friends (woot woot to Cynthia & Amber), and the satisfying feeling of making a small business look good and present a polished image.

I thought the perfect way to wrap it up would be to flip the script and become the client.  So, when Gina’s weekly menu featured Chicken Enchiladas (one of my favorites), I placed my order.  (Seriously, I could hardly wait and got excited just putting the pick-up on my calendar!)

Last week, I got my enchiladas (and a quart of marinara) to kick off a few days of dinners and lunches a la Gina.  I had the enchiladas the first night (meals come in an oven-ready container, so all I had to do was pop it in the oven for 30 minutes).  They were soooo good.  ¡Perfecto!  You might say.

After I finished the enchiladas (that didn’t take long), I cooked up some spaghetti and enjoyed Gina’s marinara sauce.  Really, just one word came to mind as I filled my belly with pasta — RIGHT.  Even though words like yummy or delicious would be lovely, the word “right” was all I could think.  As in – THIS is what marinara sauce is supposed to taste like.

Honestly, it was the perfect way to finish up the project (and gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “Will work for food”).