Leaving Montpellier St-Roch (a.k.a., TRAIN STATION #1), the sun begins to rise and the sky is a beautiful lavender color. That’s basically the last of the lovely vistas. I had a very nice and pretty uneventful train ride from Montpellier, through Barcelona, and on to Valencia Nord (a.k.a., TRAIN STATION #2). There I had to catch a regional train to Xeraco (a.k.a., TRAIN STATION #3), where my friend Melissa would pick me up, to go the rest of the way to her home in Moraira, by car.

I had a very comfortable ride, ate the snacks I brought along, and had a great conversation with a Spanish man, whose family is from Puerto Rico, who has been living in France for 10 years. This was a totally fine way for me to spend my train ride. No complaints at all. I practically had a private train car for much of the time, with only two other people around. But, I was surprised that there were none of the fantastic views that people describe, in relation to long train rides. Maybe it is just the time of year. Maybe it is just the route (nothingnesss and urban, graffiti-covered buildings that are unlucky enough to be situated around the railroad tracks). Or, maybe it’s just one of the many things people hype up about travel that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (like cruise ship food).

Nevertheless, I am thrilled to be in Spain. Just hearing the train announcements change from French to Spanish made me a little giddy. Hola, España!

Vagabonding 2012-2013 Total Miles: 6,578