After catching up on emails, I walked around the city today.  I just wander up and down streets, with no particular plan.  I’m pretty sure that, within the same hour, I was insulted and complimented. First, the lady at L’Occitane said “I’m going to give you some free samples of conditioner for your hair.” Translation in my mind: “I see you haven’t had a haircut since September, and can’t get your usual hair products here in Europe, and don’t have a curling iron, maybe this will help you not look so rough.”


Then, when I ordered a sandwich at lunch and didn’t understand the follow-up question, the girl said “Oh sorry, I thought you were Catalan.” Translation in my mind: “Wow! You sounded so authentic when you said those three words in Spanish that I totally thought you were from Barcelona.”


For dinner, I found a great little restaurant called Heart Burger. They use all organic and local ingredients.  They have a variety of burgers, including a veggie burger.  All of them, are shaped into a heart. Who can resist that?


I decided to go see the movie Les Miserables (mostly because the majority of it is in song, which they don’t dub, so there was only a small portion of dialogue in Spanish). The theater was huge, I grabbed a seat. A cute guy asks me, if the seat next to me is available. I said “yes,” he sat down, very proud that he got a seat “en el centro.” I start thinking to myself “Self, that guy is sitting RIGHT next to you. His arm is on the armrest RIGHT next to you. He smells good. I think I will pretend (since I’m at the movies – the land of make believe) that I’m here with him. I will be aware of his presence during the movie as though we are here together. Yes, that will give me a little manly fix.” At which point he leans over and kisses the guy he’s really there with. That love affair didn’t last long. For everyone who thinks I’m going to fall in love and move to Europe, get over it. THIS is the way my life is. :)