When I arrived in Cleveland about six weeks ago I couldn’t help noticing that there were American flags EVERYWHERE.  Not that I don’t see them in Georgia, but I’m talking EVERYWHERE.  In many neighborhoods, it is unusual to not have a flag in front of your house.  I was paying so much attention to them that I would find myself thinking “There’s another one” several times a day.

Since this big adventure is starting in Cleveland, the place my life began, it seems appropriate that there are reminders everywhere that this is America.  And, that I’m an American – a mashed up mix of cultures (Greek, German, Irish, French, and Native American) and a lover of freedom.

So, on this day before I leave the country, this American theme is underscored by the fact that it’s Veteran’s Day and that, I have had breakfast with a Marine and dinner with a Navy sailor and an Army soldier.  Different branches, one goal. Liberty.

So, I’m taking my liberty and heading off to see, experience, and learn from other parts of the world.  Food, culture, people – I look forward to it.  See ya later, Cleveland.  Next stop . . . London.