Let me just start by saying that, I fully understand that people think they are being helpful and supportive, when they tell you something you “should” do. I appreciate the intent. But, I don’t particularly like having lots of people dump their expectations on me. And, when you share a “big” thing with people, you get “big” input. Here are some of the most common comments. (If you see yourself in this list, don’t feel too bad, you weren’t the only one. And, I’m not a grudge-holder, so I probably don’t even remember it was you who said it.) :)

You should blog about your trip.

Okay, but I’m not really looking to commit to extra work while I travel.
(I realize that you are currently reading a blog about my travels. But, truth be told, I had no extra time to share all of this with the world while it was happening, and I’ve shared these posts in retrospect, about nine months after the events actually occurred. Maybe I SHOULD have blogged then, but there simply wasn’t time for it.)

You should write a book while you travel.

Okay, but I will be maintaining a regular work schedule, so, I repeat,
I’m not looking for an extra job that will keep me in front of my computer.

You should go see [insert tourist attraction of your choice].

Okay, but if I went to see everything that was recommended to me,
I would get zero work done and spend most of my time in lines and crowds.

You should meet a handsome man and move to Europe.

Okay, get a grip.

You should watch out for those European men.

Okay, is this a warning or dating advice?