After an hour-long car ride from Moraira, a train from Xeraco to Valencia Nord, a subway to Valencia Manises (a.k.a., AIRPORT #6), an airplane to Málaga–Costa del Sol (a.k.a., AIRPORT #7), a bus to el centro, and about a mile walk — I have made it to my apartment for the next five weeks. (By the way, I promise never again to criticize Atlanta for their inadequate street labeling.)

I only have one small rolling suitcase and a backpack, but it is starting to feel like a lot to lug all over the place. Surely I can do better — be even more minimalist. I’m here now. I’ll think about that later.


I met up with daughter, Jasmine, and we scoped out a vegetarian restaurant very nearby. It’s not as good as what I had in London, but it will do in this land of meat-eaters.

Vagabonding 2012-2013 Total Miles: 6,948