My first couple of days in Málaga, I could only find one place to (confidently) grab a coffee. Dunkin’ Coffee.

Yes, that’s right, Dunkin’ Coffee.
Not Dunkin’ Donuts — like in the U.S.
Not Dunkin’ Café — like my friend Kathianne, who is studying Spanish, logically asked.
It is Dunkin’ Coffee — hence my comfort with knowing what I could get there.

If you know me, you know that my brand of choice is Starbucks. But, there aren’t any Starbucks here in Málaga (except at the airport). So, for now, Dunkin’ it is.

dunkin1After a few days of visiting, I became curious about the meaning of their tagline:


Knowing what the tagline is in the U.S., I could tell that this was something different, but didn’t exactly know the translation.
As it turns out, it means:


Well, that got me thinking about how different that sentiment is from the American concept: AMERICA RUNS ON DUNKIN’.

Very different. So often, in the U.S., we view coffee as a grab-and-go, convenient source of caffeine (i.e., energy to make it through our hectic days). Whereas, the clear message here is that having a coffee is about taking a moment OUT. Enjoying your moment, either alone (that’s me) or with friends (many young people seem to like this as a gathering spot).

Of course these are generalizations. Surely there are Americans who socialize and linger over their coffee. And, surely there are Spaniards who gulp down their espresso and go. But, I find the difference in marketing, from the same company, fascinating. It seems to represent a clear contrast in culture.

So, today, I think I will be a little Spanish and enjoy my moment. I hope you will too. DISFRUTA TU MOMENTO!