Today, on my daily walk (well, at least, I aim for daily), I got a fun surprise.  What may have been an annoyance on one of my more antisocial days (a.k.a. “What are you doing at my park?”), was a welcomed motivation on this lovely autumn afternoon!

I could not have asked for more perfecto fall weather – sunny and 65°, with a little breeze.  I hopped out of the car, already feeling good in my super cute Lucy gear (yes, stylish workout clothes make me happy), and started walking.  My walking track is around and through five full-size soccer fields.  On one of the fields there was a tournament going on.  (I’m assuming it was a tournament because there was a table full of trophies underneath a tent.)

The whole scene looked like the Latino version of the family football game on Thanksgiving.  But, instead of football, it was fútbol – and these folks were probably not all family – but they did look like they could be related.  Of course that could be all the time they spend together following a sport.  As any sports fan or volleyball mom will tell you – you get close to those other fans you see all the time.  So, you start to look alike.  Maybe that’s just people and their dogs.  (There is a dog in this story, but not yet.)

Anyway . . . Salsa music playing . . . the moms, dads, teens, little kids, grands, and friends all looked on as a couple of teams ran back and forth trying to get a goal.  As I walked around this event I was able to hear the music and feel the family fun in the air.  (I’m pretty sure there was a little extra swish in my hips as I walked – really, my hips don’t lie).

As if this outdoor party wasn’t enough, I got to see an “Oh, now that’s cute” moment between a lady and her new puppy.  The lady was walking a little in front of me and carrying the pup.  Then, I guess she decided she was tired of carrying it and put it down, held the leash, and began to walk.  The itsy bitsy St. Bernard mix wasn’t really feeling the whole walking thing (I hear ya mini mutt).  He promptly sat down.  I’ll summarize the rest of the scene – lady walks, puppy walks two steps then sits, repeat.  It was funny and crazy cute.

Normally, walking alone with no ipod, no phone, no distraction, I can get bored very quickly and cut my walk short.  But today, with the great weather, lively music, high energy, and a little comic relief – I happily walked on.

Gotta go.  For some reason, I have a craving for guacamole!