I’m really excited to be quoted in an article that came out today from Gaiam Life.  Kirsten Longnecker did a great job of putting together tips for transitioning from “kids, kids, kids” to “me, me, me.”   Check it out (even if you’ve got a while before this happens to you). :)

Empty Nest Doesn’t Have to Mean Emptiness 4 ways to ease the transition when your kids have flown the coop

“Dance around naked with a rose in my teeth.” That’s the response I always gave my daughters when they asked what I would do for a night without them. But those conversations occurred when I was dropping them off at sleepovers or camp. I did not say it when both girls left for the summer this year. I did not say it when my oldest started college this fall. Somehow facing the prospect of an empty nest doesn’t seem as funny anymore.  READ FULL ARTICLE ->