Yes, it’s only September 30th and I just stepped out of my car and into winter. This is my first reminder of why I no longer live in Cleveland. When we left Atlanta, just a few days ago, temperatures were in the 90s.  700 miles north, and let’s just say — summer’s over.

I had a similar experience, over Labor Day weekend, about 20 years ago when – still living in Cleveland – I visited Atlanta for the first time.  I left Cleveland on Friday and it was the usual warm summer weather. When I returned on Monday, winter cold had enveloped Cleveland and would not release her grip until the following May.  Not being a big fan of the cold, It was at this point that I knew, I could not live the rest of my life here.  I moved south within two years and never looked back.

Except that, here I am for several weeks. Pull out the sweaters and scarves . . . this should be interesting.

Vagabonding 2012-2013 Total Miles:  830