That’s the great thing about where I’m staying. I can actually just decide to do something like see the acropolis at a moments notice (mind you, it’s not summer – the height of tourist season).


So, after a late lunch today, I walked over several blocks and climbed the steps to this ancient site.


Getting closer. Not all the way up there yet.


Again, I’ve made it in during the last hour open. I can do it! I can climb, see, experience in 40 minutes.


I’m thinking of my daughter a lot here, as every step reminds me of our visit together. I wish she were here with me. It would be fun to see if any of it feels familiar to her (as it does to me).


This is the greatest time of day to come! There are only two small tour groups here with me and a few individuals. Last time I came it was PACKED. This is awesome.


I have to admit, I’m a little bit amused to find a cat at the top of this climb. I know they like high places, but this is a little overboard. (Notice that he’s looking inward and not out over the entire city of Athens at his back.)


I had to share this shot (above). Is it just me, or does it seem like God is shining a spotlight on the stage, in the amphitheater? Amazing.