This (above) was the first thing I saw, when getting off the plane at the Athens Airport. Seriously, there couldn’t have been a more perfect visual. I have only been here once before, 11 years ago with my daughter (who was age 9, at the time). But, I’m half Greek, so I just feel a general connection to this place.

I took a very crowded and long bus ride (lots of traffic) from the airport to Syntagma Square, where I would meet my hosts, and pick up the (interesting) keys to my apartment for the week. (It only took me a day to get the hang of the keys and I felt very proud of myself, once I did.)


I’m staying in the old town area of Athens (Plaka). It, in my opinion, is the only place to stay. Athens is sort of a dirty big city that is very crowded with cars and buses and isn’t particularly attractive (though, there are some exceptions, of course). But, in the Plaka, you can see beautiful homes and buildings and can walk to shops and restaurants, and get to interesting historical sites very easily.


I’m settled in my charming little apartment (which is quite dark, because the only windows are about two feet from another building). But, it is cute and has the very best wi-fi I’ve had during my entire trip. So, quite frankly, I’m okay with trading the light for a week of speedy connection.


Even though it’s cold (and raining), I ate dinner on a restaurant patio (next to two heaters), so that I could watch the people walk by. The food was delicious, the air was brisk, the people watching was fun.

Vagabonding 2012-2013 Total Miles: 8,765