I’m sitting at Strongbox West (a co-working space in Atlanta) and I’m really excited about an event that took place here tonight.  Erik Wolf and Stephanie Frost of Zero-G Creative held a book signing and presentation featuring their newly released “Marketing: Unmasked – insider’s tips + tricks for success in small business marketing.”


First, I have to give them props for the great presentation.  One of my biggest pet-peeves when I attend presentation-oriented events is the evidence of the heaps of bad (really bad) presentation materials in the world.  These two get an A+ from me.  Not only did they have great slide design (just enough text + engaging graphics), but I also happened to agree with every bit of marketing advice they shared.  (I’m pretty sure that means they’re geniuses.)

A couple of dozen entrepreneurs listened as Erik and Stephanie shared valuable marketing tips in a clear and concise way.  After a short Q & A session, I got my copy of the book signed, and the authors mixed and mingled with their adoring fans.

I can’t wait to get started reading the book!