Happy Tuesday!  Today, I’m having tons of “celebrate and be grateful” prompts.

First, I saw this video on The Today Show about two women who opened an ice cream shop in New York City and — in Rwanda. As I watched the video of the Rwandan women dancing and singing about this new ice cream shop, it took me back to my trip to Uganda 10 years ago (where we experienced similar singing and dancing, constantly, in every village we visited).  I thought to myself “Wow, Africans seriously sing and dance about every little thing.”  (I realize that this is a major generalization, but I’ve seen and experienced it enough to happily take inspiration from it.)

{I decided that I would be on the lookout
for something special (big or small)
that I could sing and dance about.}

Then, I saw this video posted today by the Happiness Project which talks about things like keeping a gratitude journal (or not) and looking for cues in everyday life that will remind you to be thankful.

At this, it really seemed like a theme for the day that was worth sharing.

So, not likely a coincidence, it looks like the rest of November will be spent contemplating celebration and gratitude. I haven’t burst into song and dance yet (though I did experience joy and gratitude when the autumn leaves fell and swirled around me on my walk this morning), but I’m keeping my eye out for an opportunity to celebrate.

On a side note: Join me this weekend for my Gratitude Flow Yoga if you’re up for a little gratitude and celebration too!