I originally posted this gem on another blog a couple of years ago. Dynamic PR-pro, Samantha Rose inspired me to share it again today . . .

Healthy LivingSo, my best friend calls me up and says “Do you get cramps?” “Ummm . . . yeah.” “Okay, next time you’re getting close to your period, eat bananas.” “What?” I say. And, she replies “I’ve been eating bananas a lot while watching my daughter’s swim practice, and I’ve had no cramps. I think it’s the bananas. Try it and see.”

Being a techie girl, I don’t know why she didn’t look it up on the net to see if there was any info out there about a relationship between bananas and cramps. Of course, this is the first thing I did. And sure enough, there was. (Something about the potassium helping ease the muscle tension.) At this point, I’m thinking to myself “Why don’t they tell you this in jr. high health class???”

So, the next month, I gave it a try. Here’s what my BFF and I have found: Eat a banana each day for a few days before your period begins and voila! no cramps. Now, if you’ve forgotten and try to use them as a Midol — after the fact — it doesn’t really work as well. But for prevention, it’s a great tip!

Now, if you have any potassium issues, you may want to check with your doc, but if not — go bananas!