This weekend I tried a new (to me) Hot Power Yoga class at Atlanta Hot Yoga.  It was an hour and a half of flowing from pose to pose in lots-o-heat, with a teacher who clearly knows her stuff.  Overall, a great way to get in a good workout, burn a few calories, loosen up tight muscles, and get some balance — sorta.

As most any yoga teacher will tell you, it is actually a sign of an experienced yogi to take a break, when needed. “Regain your breath in Child’s Pose and rejoin the practice when you’re ready,” is what we tell you.  So, when I got a little light-headed about an hour in, I did just that.  (Kristen, your humble yoga wisdom is so inspiring! Um…NO.)

So, today my glutes are S-O-R-E. Well, half of them are, anyway. Since one of my highest goals in life is to find balance, the muscles screaming at me from only half of my tush have me thinking . . . How did this happen?

Here’s how:  I stopped in the middle of a fairly challenging sequence, only completing it on one side, and rested while the class did the other side.

While this might seem like a wise thing to do when feeling light-headed, my imbalanced booty tells me otherwise.  I actually felt light-headed at the BEGINNING of the first side, but — deciding that I would “push through” until the end of the sequence — I flowed on.  However, it was more challenging than I expected, so once I finished the first side, I knew I had to pause – um . . . NOW . . . or I’d be paying an unexpected visit to a neighboring yogi.

So, while at first blush, stopping seemed like the wise thing to do, it turns out it was a little late.  And now my insensitivity and arrogance are literally a pain in my butt. As I move through my day today, I’m reminded that there is a difference between pushing your edge (like holding a pose a little longer when you’re feeling tired) and ignoring important signs from within (Yo, Kristen, you’re gonna pass out, if you don’t take a moment to get your breath back on track!).

I hope this helps you move a little more mindfully, today, too. (I know I am!)