Over the weekend, my friend Angela and I visited Decatur gem Eagle Eye Book Shop for an author signing/discussion.  Dana Kuebler, N.D. (a very smart and caring naturopath) was there to share the concepts in her new book Great Cleanse Lifestyle Journal: How To Do Your Own Great Cleanse.

This was not the “don’t eat anything and drink this gross stuff, all the while feeling horrible” sort of cleanse we hear about a lot.  Although these crazy plans lure people in with what sounds like a “healthy” way to lose weight (lose 10 lbs in a week because you’re releasing all the toxins from your body!) — they seem to do more harm than good.  A few years ago, I tried one — even though, that very week, Dr. Oz clearly stated on his radio show that those types of cleanses have no scientific proof to support them.  (I gave it a go anyway because I wanted to jump-start some serious weight loss.)  Aside from being totally disgusted by the juice I had to drink and the chalk-like stuff I had to eat, after day two I had to endure 5 days of fuzzy brain.  I couldn’t get any work done because I couldn’t concentrate (this is a real problem when you work for yourself and make money by billing for your time).  But enough about what I now call the “heck no, you couldn’t pay me to do that again” type of cleanse.

In contrast, the concepts Dr. Dana shared about healthy cleansing were really interesting – and more importantly – logical!  One simple question brought me on board to want to learn more.

Why would we give our bodies less
and ask them to do more?

That’s one of those questions that makes you feel a little silly for not considering that point sooner.  She went on to share the major tools involved in her cleansing program:

  • A way of eating that supports the body’s natural systems of elimination,
  • Supplements for binding up toxins and getting them out,
  • Lymphatic stimulation (to aid in releasing toxins through the skin), and
  • A protocol of daily exercise and sweating (preferably via sauna).

Now, in all honesty, it is very unlikely you will ever hear me jump on board with any type of supplements.  I simply don’t like taking pills or drinking extra stuff.  Period.  Unless the situation becomes extreme, it’s really not up for negotiation with me.  (Just my personal preference.)  But, eating healthy foods that help my body perform more effectively sounds great.  Treating myself to a regular scrub to get that lymph system working, sounds even better.  And, since I had started that day by practicing yoga outside in 90+ weather, I knew I was well on my way with the movement/sweating plan.  I figure all of the other things sound totally doable, and 3 out of 4 ain’t bad!

I’ve already read the first few chapters of Great Cleanse Lifestyle Journal: How To Do Your Own Great Cleanse and am looking forward to learning more and implementing new, healthy, safe, and enjoyable ways of keeping my body well.

If you want to check out the book or get more information about the Great Cleanse and Dana Kuebler’s services (she has some cool, spa day cleanse packages that sound pretty yummy), check her out at www.greatcleanse.com.