After a chilly week in Cleveland, I’ve got to return to Atlanta briefly, before I pop over to Dallas for the last leg of this vagabonding trip. So, I’m on the road — heading south on I-75 from Ohio to Georgia. I’ll be there for the week to attend a client meeting, do some preliminary apartment hunting, and visit with friends.

As I get closer (passing through Chattanooga), I start to get super excited. I’m staying with my friend Angela tonight and we have planned a marathon of Psych! (one of my favorite shows). I am WAY too excited. I haven’t been able to watch while I’ve been traveling, so I missed a few episodes and the new season is starting soon.

As I contemplate the fact that I’m sorta giddy like a schoolgirl going on a first date, I realize that I am very thankful for my friends — whom I’ve clearly missed. I’m thankful for Angela who is getting Psych!-themed snacks ready for me, I’m thankful for Amber who has been a huge help while I’ve been gone, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to reconnect.

Vagabonding 2012-2013 Total Miles: 16,118