I know that it is December 1st. I know that it’s almost winter. I know that I’m in the mountains. But somehow, thinking of spending a couple of weeks in the south of France just doesn’t conjure up visions of icicles for fingers and constant shivering. And yet, them’s the facts.

We drove two hours in a car with no heat to catch the end of an outdoor market (with the wind blowing at bone-chilling speeds), only to drive back for another two unheated hours with just a couple of items purchased.

Neverhtheless, I learned a few things from today’s trip to Uzes, France.

#1 — Leave me alone at a cafe, and since I can’t read French, I will just contemplate their branding (while eavesdropping on two Brits discussing the design merits of pink bears – no joke, they really were debating this).


#2 — There is no market, anywhere (unless it happens to be the last food source on the planet), that is worth spending five hours in the freezing cold (especially if four of them are in a car, and I’m not driving).


#3 — Coffee and chocolatey goodness are a great way to warm up and feel happy — anytime, anywhere.