This afternoon, I took the train from Bologna to Milan, Italy – where I will be for the next week. It is my first time here! Upon arriving in Milan, I noticed the train station is rather grand and the streets and intersections are rather confusing. (As in, rarely do only two streets come together, which means there are more possibilities than straight, left, and right. Not to mention the street signs are not very large or noticeable (if they are there at all), so it is impossible (even with a map) to be certain which way to go.) Needless to say, it took a while to find my apartment.

Once I got settled into my apartment, I took a walk around and did some early exploring of Milan. I am staying near Parco Sempione, at the end closest to the Arco della Pace. I stopped in view of the arco for a little pizza (the only thing you could get at that time of day (late afternoon), because restaurants were either closed until dinner or not serving their whole menu). It was okay. Not my best pizza in Italy.

I walked through the large park and at the other end found the Sforzesco Castle. In front of the castle, around the fountain, crowds gathered. There were people taking photos, having picnics, hopping on buses, and generally walking around everywhere.

I’ve spotted a few bike stations already, so I’m excited to get a bike pass and bike around Milan this week. (You can pick up a bike at one station and leave it at any of the other stations that are all around town.) Milan seems to be a little more spread out than other Italian cities, so I think biking will help me get around quicker (and change things up a bit).