Here are my top picks for travel-themed movies. After a little search of the web, I can see that my choices may be a little girly and less sophisticated than the usual opinions out there, but I stand by my selections. I have seriously watched these movies over and over. Here’s why:

The Holiday

While most people probably like the Cameron Diaz side of the story (goes off to England to fall in love with super cute and sweet Jude Law), I love the Kate Winslet side. Her character’s intelligence and friendly attitude are her companions for a lovely trip, a stronger self, and — of course — a well-matched love.


Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp, and chocolate. I don’t really think this requires any further explanation.

Eat, Pray, Love

Though there is a lot of personal insight from the book that doesn’t translate into this movie, it’s still a fun one to watch. Just the scenery from the three different destinations is enough to make it interesting, but the charming cast of characters along the way keep me coming back.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Another one with quirky characters, Italian vistas, and a fun story of getting exactly what you ask for.

Roman Holiday

With Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, this one doesn’t really require a lot of selling. I think it’s funny and delightful, and they get to ride around on a Vespa all day!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Honestly, I just love the beautiful scenes in Greece. You could cut the rest and just play those parts on a loop, and I’d be good to go!

The Last Holiday

Once again, a kind-hearted woman faces her fears, does the things she’s dreamed of, and becomes stronger and happier, as a result.

Finding Nemo

Yeah, I went there. I love Finding Nemo. Aside from Ellen Degeneres being hilarious as Dory, it’s a great story that’s filled with metaphors about facing your fears, getting out of your comfort zone, making friends, and having fun. (I’ll spare you my musings on the deep spiritual concepts of the East Australian Current!)