Inspired by my friend Kathianne (who is always talking about “what nourishes you”), last year I thought through the things that make me happy or feel good in some way.  I knew I would be moving and decided that — in my new home — I would be sure to incorporate these things somehow.  (Part of this “somehow” would require sharp budgetary focus.)

One of the things on my list, is fresh flowers.  They make me happy.  From going to the shop to buy them (makes me feel swanky), to putting them in the vases (I like to organize), to smiling as I notice them across the room (oh yeah, I’ve got flowers).  I love it!  But, here comes my favorite part of this week’s treat . . . it only cost me $2.50!!!

For just that tiny amount (my budget is happy) I got a bunch of flowers (from Walmart – feeling no less swanky as I carried them to my car), that were able to fill vases in my dining room (shown in the pic), kitchen, bedroom, and on my desk.  FOUR chances for random joy – totally worth the few dollars I spent.