After trying decoupage with my friend Kathianne a couple of weeks ago, another friend and super-artist, Cynthia told me that she likes to decoupage her canvases to add texture and interest.  Hmmm, I thought.  I was planning to paint three canvases during the upcoming weekend with some simple color shading (just a clean, dark to light gradient type of thing), but this might be a fun way to mix it up a little.  So, that’s what I did.

1.  Started off with three blank, flat canvases that come in a 3-pack from Hobby Lobby for less than $4.

2.  Covered the canvases with strips of newsprint – purposely left random lines and wrinkles to add texture.  (Bought my own jar of Mod Podge w/a 40% off coupon!)  Ooops! Don’t use glue on paper when leaving your canvases lying on paper – uh, they stick.  Had to peel them off and insert some empty paint trays to lift them up.

3.  Did a gradient color effect, with acrylics, in a different hue on each canvas.  Wasn’t thrilled with it, so I started playing with the white paint and followed some of the texture lines, leaves started sprouting here and there.  (Note: painting on top of dried decoupage had a very different feel from painting directly on a canvas.  Not sure I really liked it.  I love the feel of running the brush over a canvas, so I really missed that aspect in the project.)


4.  After drying I framed them up with existing white mats in old gold frames that I spray painted with black lacquer.  Voila!  A fresh, colorful trio.


What do you think?  I’m not 100% sure I love them (though, I will say they look better in person than in this pic).  Should I go back to my original idea of simple color grades or stick with this textured vine look?