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Last Stop, Rome

My spring adventure comes to a close right where it began. Back in Rome. I’ve spent the last few days roaming in Rome. Exploring some new places like the National Museum, Palazzo Altemps, and St. Paul’s Within the Walls. And visiting some favorite friends like the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Ponte S. Angelo, Trevi Fountain, and the Vittoriano. A little new and a little familiar has been the perfect finale to the spring. I’ve come from Atlanta to Rome to Bari to Alberobello to Florence to Volterra to San Gimignano to Lucca to Bologna to Milan to Lake Como to...

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A Volcano and 320 Steps to Oia

Today, I took a boat over to the volcano for a climb up to the top. After that, back on the boat for a visit to the hot springs and the smaller island of Thirassia. After a quick lunch there, it was back to the boat for the final leg to the town of Oia, which is on the other end of the island from Fira, where I’m staying. The boats drop off at the bottom of the cliffs. The towns are built into the cliffs, so I had to climb up to experience one of Santorini’s most recognizable towns....

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Greeks Are the Best

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Thus far, Greek people are the friendliest people I’ve ever experienced. It only took 48 hours in Santorini for a half dozen locals to know my name. Now, they say hello to me by name, every time I pass their respective businesses. It only took 3 days for this to happen: Greek Woman: “You’re traveling alone?” Me: “Yes.” Greek Woman: “You’re not married?” Me: “No.” Greek Woman: “Maybe you get married here.” Me: LOL It was cute. It was a lot like this: Today, in addition to my usual walk...

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Monday in Santorini

I spent the entire day walking around. Enjoying the island. Greek coffee is insanely strong. I have surrendered to the fact that even with water, ice cream, and whipped cream it’s too much for me. (I guess this is evidence that I’m only half Greek.) It was a great day filled with more eye candy in every...

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Dream Fulfilled in Greece!

After an overnight in Rome (long-distance working out where I will live when I get home in a couple of weeks), and most of Saturday dedicated to travel to Greece, I spent last night sticking close to my hotel, having dinner just down the street, getting a pedicure, and looking out over the town and sea. Oh yeah, I’M IN SANTORINI!! All of my adulthood I have wanted to visit this pretty little island and finally, I’m here. I’m staying in the town of Fira in a cute hotel (with a round bed, seriously, it’s a circle). The first...

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