I am grabbing a last cappuccino and croissant and heading back to Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport (a.k.a., AIRPORT #11) for my return to The United States. I decided a few weeks ago that I missed my neck (which has been wrapped in a scarf since October 1st) and that I was sick of being cold in a foreign land. I am not a fan of winter, in general, but what I’ve learned on this trip is that I am much better at dealing with it when I have my own cozy home in which to hibernate. My things, my clothes, central heat, things that are familiar and cozy — that’s what I need to get through the dark months. So, since I’ve used up my 90 days (the amount of time an American can travel in Europe without acquiring a special visa), and it is way too cold and dark in the U.K. (not included in this visa situation) to wait out more time in my preferred countries in the warmer months, I’m headed back across the pond. But, I have a return ticket — so I’ll be coming back to Rome in the fall.  AND, my travels aren’t over quite yet, as I have some domestic stops to make before finding a place to live in Atlanta again. Stay tuned.