While I’m staying pretty busy with work, I try to make a point of going out in the morning to Super Sol (the grocery store) or the fresh farmer’s market or other local food shops (such as one of the four bakeries nearby) to grab any fresh groceries that I need (and maybe a coffee from Dunkin’ or Noviembre). I drink A LOT of water, so I have to replenish my stash daily (considering that I can only buy what I am able (or willing) to physically carry back to my apartment). So, this has become a nice regular kick-start.

But, that’s just a quick errand run. And, if there is to be any point to visiting all of these new places, I need to venture out a little bit more than that.  So, I try to get out for a couple of hours in the afternoon, just to walk around and see what’s what.


Several of these Spanish afternoons have included a walk through Paseo del Parque — a large, palm-tree shaded green space that runs along the harbor.


I have to admit, I wish we had one of these in Atlanta (preferably right next to wherever I live). I mean — a big green park with tons of palm trees, fountains, sculptures, a couple of restaurants, a skate park, a children’s playground (complete with swing-side bar, so that busy parents can take the edge off . . . that part really cracks me up) — who wouldn’t love that? (The fact that it has a view of the sea is just icing on the cake!)


I would love to take a daily walk here or swing on the swings with my favorite tots. Plus, there are a bunch of great spots where I can imagine having Yoga in the Park.  But, alas, no place like this at home. So, while I’m here, I have no favorite tots, no yoga students, but I can stroll the park’s paths to my hearts content (for a little while longer).