Cute right? While a picture may be worth a thousand words, it is not worth much in the smell department. (Lucky for you!) While the photo above looks colorful, charming, Spanish, and a variety of other adjectives, what it doesn’t look, is STINKY.

This is the cute little “street” that I walk each and every day in Malaga to get to pretty much anywhere I want to go. And, since there are seemingly no scooping laws here in Spain, it is very common to find little doggie gifts all around the town (particularly on the tiny streets). This, in combination with the dozen stray cats that hang out in this area (marking their territory, as well), make a less than desirable walkway.

And yet, here I am. Every day. Holding my breath (thank God for yogic breath control practice) and walking with my head down, so that I can navigate my path. This is certainly not the most glamorous aspect of this trip.

A look inside my crystal ball shows that, even after I return to the U.S., I will continue the practice, that I started here in Spain, of removing my shoes at the door — in order to keep the outdoor cooties to a minimum .