After a full day of design work and virtual yoga sessions yesterday, I set out today to check out some churches. My master plan? Walk around. See a church. Go in.

So, that’s what I spent a few hours doing.

Later in the day, I decided to wander a bit more around my neighborhood.

I went back to Jardines del Puente de Toledo so I could share on Periscope. (If you’re wondering why I keep “returning to Periscope,” it is because it took me several days to work out my wi-fi situation. So, I couldn’t share the first time around.)

So, as I strolled through the park, sharing with Periscope friends, I came upon one of my favorite features. A bunch of (6 or 7) slides built into the natural landscape.

With the encouragement (instigating) of Periscope peeps, I decided that some evenings you just need to ride down a slide in the side of a hill. So, that’s what I did. It was exhilarating. I am so glad that I didn’t let the fact that I’m 44 stop me from having a little childish fun, followed by giggling at my own silliness.