Trying to find time for yourself can be tough for anyone.  When you’re trying to run a business (or two) and be a mom, daughter, friend, etc.  — it can be even tougher.  Last week someone asked me how I “do it all.”  Though, I certainly haven’t perfected balancing everything, I thought it was a good time to share some of the things that help me find a little “me” time while taking care of my many responsibilities.

Tips for sneaking “me time” into your busy schedule

Ditch the guilt. Regardless of appearances, no one does everything perfectly 100% of the time.  Sometimes you might be doing great in one area and not-so-great in another.  Remember that taking time for yourself on a regular basis, helps you function at a better level when you’re taking care of business.

Plan for it. That’s right, put it on your schedule . . . “Thursday evening . . . 1 hour for a bubble bath.”  Just like you’ve got soccer practice, or business meetings, or doctor appointments on your calendar, plan time for you.

Multitask. Find a way to work in something special for yourself during the regular things you do each week.  If you spend a lot of time in the car, why not listen to an audio book or inspirational message.  Or, get your workout in while the kids get theirs (my friend and I would chat and walk around the track while our daughters were in soccer or gymnastics).

Take five. Don’t think that “me time” has to be hours of luxury.  Sometimes just five minutes of quiet is enough to calm the chaos.  Sit in a chair and listen to songs on your ipod.  Eat an expensive piece of chocolate and pay attention to every taste and sensation.  Do one energizing yoga pose and take five deep breathes.

Make use of mid-day. Remember that lunch time can be more than just a sandwich at your desk.  Go for a walk, eat at an interesting new cafe, or browse the shelves of your favorite bookstore.

Pray or meditate. Sit in a comfy chair and focus on a positive message for a few minutes.  Or, talk to God about how your day is going, and what help you might need.

Decompress before bed. Take some time before you drift off to sleep to check in with yourself.  Think of what you have to be thankful for from the day, and prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep.