All around London, I spotted (and stopped into) a great “take-away shop” — Pret A Manger. Originally created in London in the 1980s to provide “proper sandwiches, avoiding the obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives common to so much of the prepared and fast food on the market.” This was a great new take on on grabbing a bite to eat while on the go.

I really loved the feel of the shop, the packaging of everything, the great service (they even serve your food on a silver platter), and most of all — their in-store signage. Aside from the clean design and clever writing, these signs featured great concepts like “an upward spiral,” that discusses their philanthropic commitments, and “made today (gone today),” which tells how every day, the uneaten food is donated to feed the homeless.

I was equally impressed with their website (which I visited to see where else in the world they might have shops — unfortunately, not in Atlanta). Along with continuing their clean and welcoming aesthetic, they have great sections like “Food Facts,” which shares healthy eating snippets, and “Glossary of Feel Goods (and other nice things to do).” This one happens to be my favorite:

Snooze after lunch. Walk after dinner.